Re: QCX+ mechanical problem

Nigel ZS6RN

Hello Sheldon and greetings from sunny South Africa :-) 

Will be starting build of my 40M QCX+ once construction of 30M QCX completed (finished metal bashing for enclosure this weekend) and this note to say "thank you" for the series of photographs you have provided to the group re the 'fiddly' front panel assembly. Although I am a 'seasoned' home brewer (started at age 9 many decades ago!), I am always open to learning from others experience and I much appreciate your time and effort in providing record of your QCX+ build experience - thanks again for submitting! 

Stay safe and as always remember to KEEPSMILING :-) 

73 Nigel ZS6RN ex G8DEV l-o-n-g time ago 

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