Re: Low Pass Filer Board Timing. #bpf #u3s #wspr

Phil Crockford

I have checked this and when a slot transmission ends all BPF select lines go high and remain high until the start of the next slot in the frame.

Thanks for the thought.

Phil G8IOA


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Sent: 10 September 2020 07:39
Subject: Re: [QRPLabs] Low Pass Filer Board Timing. #U3s #bpf #wspr


Hi Phil, I think the way it all works is the lpf is selected prior to the next transmission slot as soon as the last transmission finishes. I.e, in the case of wspr transmissions, there are a few seconds gap so the next lpf/relay in sequence is selected and so has no time delay before start of the next transmission.
73 Ken G4APB

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