Re: QCX+ mechanical problem

Hans Summers


This is normal. And not as bad as you say :-)   

I was constrained by the dimensions... the necessary relative positions of the LCD and the rotary controls just left very little room for that bolt and its plastic spacers; nevertheless they are necessary. That's why it is all a bit of a tight squeeze. But it DOES all fit! 

These little white plastic nuts are quite susceptible to the application of unreasonable brutality, just a little violence also known as the application of unreasonable torque to the black screw in each corner of the LCD module, will bring those plastic nuts into line. If you wish you can make the job quite a lot easier by drilling out the thread of the 7mm spacer and one set of 4 nuts (NOT all of them!) using a 3mm or 1/8th inch drill bit. This makes them slide on to the screw more easily and move a bit more so that they easily fit into that tight space by the rotary encoder at the bottom right corner of the LCD module. 

Patience and persistance will win the day. No retreat, no surrender. 

73 Hans G0UPL

On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 7:32 PM K3YV <eeb3568@...> wrote:
I just finished the 40m QCX+ radio. I had problems assembling the read-out circuit board.
1. The trouble was with the nylon nut (and black screw) located near the volume control. The nylon nut was simply too large to fit next to the volume pot. I had to file down one side of the nut to allow it to sit next to the pot (R1). Doing this allowed the nut to center on the black screw.
2. Also, the nylon nut that is near the rotary counter, sits on top of a solder pad when drawn tight to the PC board. That does not seem right. Did anyone else have this problem? This is production version 1.05. I just received and built it this week.

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