Skeeter Hunt 2020 Results published.

Larry Makoski

To all Skeeters and Skeeter Hunters,

You are ALL chmapions in my book! Thank you all for participating - without you, this event is a big ZERO. You folks make it what it is. And while you're tops, special kudos go to:

Gene N5GW - 1st Place overall with 25,912 points
Kent as N0SS - 2nd Place overall with 21,316 points
Dave AB9CA - 3rd Place overall with 17. 806 points
Peter NN9K - 4th Place overall with 16,381 points
Marc W4MPS - 5th Place overall with 14.020 points

The 2020 Skeeter Scoreboard is available for viewing in its entirety at:

The soapbox will follow ASAP as well as certificates to those who earned them.

Thanks again to all who particpated and and to those who sent in log summaries, comments and photos.

73 de Larry W2LJ - Skeeter Hunt Contest Manager - Skeeter # 13 in perpetuity.

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