Re: QCX #smoked ? #smoked



let's not conclude anything yet - but suffice it to say WSPR can be rough on this rig - the original QCX without any heat sinking on the bs170 finals.  I can't speak to the qcx+ on WSPR, but the heatsink at least looks nice! 

let's see - single band rig - if you do WSPR once each 10 minutes - I would think it should work if your antenna has a reasonable match.  kaput?  I would think only the bs170 finals take punishment - order a batch of them from W8DIZ if you are stateside. 

now i did smoke some bs170 in my QCX - when I plugged in GPS and did not realize it set rig into transmit.  hang in there I hope the QCX is still okay. 

73 curt

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