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Ronald Taylor

 Page 138 in the manual... Kenwood TS-480

4.28 CAT Control commands (PC remote operation)

The CAT command system is intended to allow the QCX+ to be used with logging software (general and contest) which uses CAT control commands to query the transceiver for information entered into the log, typically operating frequency, mode etc. A subset of the Kenwood TS-480 command set is implemented, with a few minor modifications.


QCX+ assembly Rev 1.03                                                                                                           138

On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 1:30 PM Don Blachura via <> wrote:
Need a liitle help. What rig do you select in logging software to use the "cat' on the qcx+?
I see the port in my Device manager, but from there I am lost.

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