Re: #u3s QCXPTXCO install #u3s

Dean Smith

just been playing with the 25mhz tcxo for q"C"x+ in a U3s.
QRSS is good to 2 meters! a little drift to start due to other components, BS170's ect, then it settles down nicely!
Much better than the fox type tcxo i tried in the past.
Something strange happens to the height of FSK at around 6M it seems to double in height?? maybe me...
Been playing WSPR on 30m with it, and all seems ok. No drift and consistant frequency reports.
i wonder if this TCXO will fit on the Pads on the later revision Si5351a board? would look a lot tidier.
Be nice if you could buy the TCXO on it's own and solder up, or ready tacked to the board?
Certainly a lot less scary than the OXCO option, for those with less experience.
impressed with the results.
Got 10m decoding with my own system on wspr. just wonder how far we can go :)
Dean (G7EOB)

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