Re: QCX+ T1 Toroid Wire Length? #20m #qcx+ #20m #toroid


   I suspect that when winding T1, if you get the primary or the BPF winds wound in the wrong sense, it will have no effect with the circuit. The only windings that must have the right sense are the 180 degree, out of phase , windings into the quad detector! The input winding sense of the transformer has nothing to do with the secondary winding sense, and the BPF winding works alone, so it's sense doesn't matter either.  Only the quad inputs do matter, so they better have the same sense, no matter what the other windings have. 
   That's why I make the large winding first, then install T1, and then add in the other windings, one by one, by soldering the start, winding the turns, and then solder in the end of the winding. It's real easy to get the sense right, all you have to do is look at the input lead of the large winding and see how it was wound into the toroid and do the same for all the other windings and the sense will be correct.  I find this much easier than doing the whole shebang and then trying to figure out what goes where.

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