Re: Requesting assistance troubleshooting the 5W PA please


Hi again Cathay, I just saw you said ‘IC’ in place so I guess you mean the standalone power profile chip in use..
Have you seen the following notes in AN005?....

3.1 Jumper configuration
Two jumpers are required. Install a jumper wire to connect W2-W3 as shown, and install a second jumper wire to connect W4 and W5 as shown. If you have previously constructed the PA by the default PA assembly instructions document, remove or cut the jumper between W0-W1.
3.2 ATtiny84 microcontroller installation
The 14-pin ATtiny84 microcontroller chip is inserted in the IC1 socket, instead of the 16-pin 74HC595 supplied in the kit. However, it must be inserted with the dimple at the WRONG end! Please refer to the diagram above and follow it carefully! The “dimple” and (marking pin 1) of the ATtiny84 microcontroller must be at the OPPOSITE end to the dimple marked on the silkscreen and the 16-pin socket. The original pins 1 and 16 of the socket must be empty. So make sure that IC1 is positioned all the way slid down towards the key connections (in the diagram).

73 Ken g4apb

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