Re: DDP Express Shipping?

Rachael Sanders

It is common here in the UK too. The courier company or our post office collect the vat and duty on behalf of HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). They also add a ‘Collection and Handling Fee’......often as much as the VAT to pay. However, in my experience they collect it BEFORE they will deliver the parcel i.e. no parcel!
Often annoying but I suppose if it’s due then we have to pay. After all if we had bought the item locally in the UK we would have paid VAT anyway.
It is always a pleasure when a parcel passes through customs without charge especially if it was expensive!
73 de
Rachael M1AYG 

On Tue, 25 Aug 2020 at 15:24, VE3KCL <airdry@...> wrote:
This is a common problem in Canada , I believe you can avoid the extortion by having a Fedex account with a balance in it and instructing Fedex to debit your account so you don't get gouged for the extra $20 they charge for lending you the tax money for a few days. They often make mistakes in their favour ...TNT once charged me the $20 extra on a $2.99 special for pcb boards from PCBWAY... but had to back down as the hst amount is below the taxable limit.

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