QCX firmware updating #firmware


At last I seem to have had some success with uploading new firmware to the QCX processor, but still have a problem.
I'm using a TinyUSB programmer and putting the target processor chip in an Arduino Uno (Having fried a set of PAs and Q6 trying to program the chip in situ) and using Avrdudess. 

I successfully uploaded version 1.04 to a chip with a working version 1.05 on (mad I know but its all I have to test with) I can put this chip back in my QCX and the splash screen on bootup says version 1.04.........strangely my user settings i.e. programmed frequencies and keyer memories have remained...are these stored in an area of memory that is not touched by programming the chip?

I then successfully loaded version 1.05 back onto this same chip, back in the QCX, 1.05 on the splash screen, all working perfectly. All this on a 328P chip

I assume Ive cracked the problem?

However I have a 328-PU chip with version 1.00e on it which refuses to be recognised by Avrdudess, tried 328 and 328P as the selected processor....usual "check your connections" message. This chip functions perfectly in the QCX

Any ideas whats going on here? 

Steve G4EDG

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