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The Crunchbird

For what it's worth. . The only tip I can share is for the winding of T1. Whittle down a thin piece of wooden dowel to a pointed end with the point being about three inches long so that the toroid slides over it. Next cut the wood above where the toroid fits so that there is a gap between it and the wood for about 45 degrees of the circle and vertically clamp the dowel in a small vice. This permits an easy winding of T1. The gap allows the wire to be threaded through the toroid even when it is in a press fixed position on the dowel. Trying to wind T1 without fixing it to something is extremely difficult to accomplish. 

On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 5:56 PM Sheldon Hartling <ve1gpy@...> wrote:
Hi Bernie,
I added an album to the Photos section called "QCX+ Front Panel Assembly" with the information/photos I shared a few days ago with the Facebook QRP-LABS Builders Group.  I figured it was probably better to post the pictures than to send them in-line in a message.  

"Building my second QCX+, I decided to build the front-panel first and to take advantage of some of the things I learned during my first build. This one went much smoother. See captions on photos."

Sheldon VE1GPY

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