Re: One more problem U3S WSPR

Vernon Matheson

Doug do you have all your jumpers installed in the correct positions on the LPF board.


On 2020-08-18 15:18, Doug wrote:

I found one more problem with my new WSPR build. I have a relay board installed. I have
1-20M, 2-30M, 3-40M, and 4-80M LPF's installed.
If I enable 40M, everything works fine. It goes thru the transmit cycle without a hitch.
If I disable 40M and enable any other band, when it comes time for the transmit cycle,
it just sits there for a spit second and then it just goes dead. If I turn the power switch off
and wait a couple seconds and turn it back on it boots right back up.
I have searched the manual and can not find anything about this.
Any suggestions?????
I just stay on 40 meters now... Would like to get it to work...
Thanks in advance

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