Re: QCX Firmware change request: Validate CAT frequency values. #qcx #firmware #cat

Sheldon Hartling

Understood, Mike.  In this case, its not a matter of waiting for the next poll.  The QCX firmware gets itself in a state where it will never respond to anything the logger program sends to it until you power the QCX off/on.  You could wait for hours and there'd still be no response.

Logging programs that use mouse clicks and mouse wheels to change a VFO display are more likely to jam the QCX up because they tend to send multiple real-time frequency change CAT commands to the QCX while the logger display is being manipulated.  However, I did find even N1MM+ was susceptible to lock up on me while just entering frequencies from the keyboard.

Sheldon VE1GPY

BTW, I love the expression "big boy radios". ☺︎

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