Re: QCX Firmware change request: Validate CAT frequency values. #qcx #firmware #cat

Sheldon Hartling

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 12:17 AM, Hans Summers wrote:

Those of you reporting issues with CAT comms on the QCX, are you sure that you are using the latest firmware 1.05? 

Yes, in my case, a QCX+/40M running v1.5.

As a test, I can lock up the QCX CAT port using just a serial emulator program. Using termite (a free download on the Internet), I send this command:



Followed by an FA; command to see if the QCX is still responding.  If the QCX is responding, I send the command again. Maybe even multiple times repeatedly until it locks up.  If 40M is open and the QCX is displaying decoded CW it’s much more likely to break quickly.  Which seems to point to some kind of timing issue.



I was able to restore a dead CAT port by sending “00;fa;”!  Which definitely makes it look like the firmware is in a state waiting for numeric digits followed by a ; character – and deaf to all other CAT commands until it gets it.


73 Sheldon VE1GPY

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