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Hi Allison,

Sorry to hear your enjoyment of the hobby is marred by a LID. Perhaps if you make a video of the mess his system is causing, you can get his attention? I would think a video where he is speaking/ transmitting audio while you show the spectrum of his signal, and have several of his harmonics spotted on your receiver (stored in memories so you can rapidly switch between them), you might be able to get the point across to him???

If nothing else, you will have good documentation to send to the FCC.

It may be that he has corrosion on some segments of his antenna(s), and/or coax/connector joints, which is causing the broad band interference across multiple bands. A reasonable ham should appreciate the heads up you gave him.


On Aug 13, 2020 at 07:46, ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...> wrote:


7240 was my first check.  He was really on 14.480.  I dropped him and email
and got a "oh crap" response.  Seems it was just operator error.

I have another about 800ft away that has serious harmonic problems
and splatter and blames my radios  (tentec triton, Ft817, Argo505, TS440SAT,
TT Eagle) and I spot him every time on the HP8568, Rigol DSA815t
and TinySA.   I use the FT817 on a dummy load as a monitor as
when he is on hes usually about 40khz wide.  Seems he can't grok
that a SA has no issues with overload.  He is just grossly over
driving the radio or its broke.  I may drop a letter to the FCC for
out of band operation in the 42mhz region.
Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

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