Re: QCX Firmware change request: Validate CAT frequency values. #qcx #firmware #cat

Gwen Patton

I ran into a similar problem. I have a ham about a mile away from me who routinely works 40m CW running full legal limit. When he does, I might as well turn my rig off, because 40 is totally wiped out, 20 is a mess, and I've even heard him up on 15. I thought I'd finally found someone to work on 15, but when I looked him up, he was so close to me, I tried other bands. He was completely swamping my receiver. I tried nicely emailing him, and he just said it was my rig's front-end rejection, not his rig, as though the possibility of it being something in his rig going wildly out of spec just was inconceivable. I double checked, and his last name was NOT "Vizzini". Especially as I'd NEVER heard him before, and I've been a ham, and in this same location, for about 20 years. You'd think I would have heard him at some point during that time. 

I haven't heard him blasting in for a while...I wonder if HE discovered that HIS amp dips in two places, too?

Gwen, NG3P

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 6:05 AM Daniel Walter via <> wrote:
Agree with you. I use my QCX for portable ops and occasional SOTA as well. No real interest in CAT or WSPR or GPS interface. Still have 1.03 firmware and happy with it. I'd upgrade f/w but I have had poor luck with programming the chip, so it'll wait for a new chip in the next order from Hans. 
73, Dan  NM3A

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