Re: Adapt A Bioenno 24v LiFePO4 Battery To Run The QRPLabs 50 Watt PA?


>>>Squalo'- 6m square loop.<<<

I had a real CushCraft Squalo for 10M and gave that away a few years back.

The 6M on in the picture is really a LawnChair Squalo about 30" on a side made
up of al tube and those really fancy bends from a aluminum lawn chair fed with
a gamma match. Performance is -1.5 db compared to a full size dipole both
at 12FT and that confirms the models.  Its mostly omni being on the side of
the tower on an arm.  Saves turning the big 5 element in a lot of cases.

It works well for a more or less dipole performance and I've worked DX on it.
I have a variant (ku4ab style) on the truck.  Its about the same performance
but Its has worked a fair amount of DX despite being maybe 7ft off the ground
and only 60W or so power.

The 5 element is a CC-505S with mods one being a extension of the boom
to 17FT and total reconfigure of the elements for length and position.  Runs
about 11.3 Dbd gain measured with about 23db front to back.  I used the 505S
as it got it free and its really built heavy.

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