Re: Change request, add morse characters #qcx #firmware

Gerald Ball

Hi all
I would like to have one final input to this debate. Think about it, when the person on the other end of the qso ends with DitDitDitDaHDitDaH you have no idea as to whether he has sent SK or VA in fact you may read it as VA when in fact he sent it as SK. or you read it as SK when in fact he sent it as VA.  Get my point?
And you will never know. (unless you ask him, by which time it may be too late he may well have gone). It has not mattered until this point in time. My opinion is that if it is programmed to come up as VA on the display then we can read it as SK if we want. Which is what it seems, we have been doing all along.

73 Gerry G4OJF

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