Re: Change request, add morse characters #qcx #firmware


Using either can result in confusion for non-professional CW ops.
An extra  microsecond or two  to confirm end-of-message would facilitate clarity,
especially for those of us who are sub-perfect and hope for
inclusion and encouragement.

Michael 2E0IHW

On Mi..12.August 17:06, mike mccarthy wrote:
When doing yachtmasters in 76 weather reports were in morse and VA was used. Sarasota Florida, club which helped me study for my US licence VA was used.
UK licence course in about 84 used set book "Amateur Radio" by Robert L. Sharader W6BNB (Former chairman of Electronics Laney College) US publication, used both VA and SK. (pg296).
SK always suggests someone has died to me and gives me the shivers. Please lets use VA.

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