Re: QCX-mini discussion from Saturday's ZOOM Q&A session


On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 03:01:53PM +0300, Hans Summers wrote:
Hi all

I uploaded a 17-minute segment of the recording of Saturday's ZOOM Q&A
session, this segment is about the proposed QCX-mini CW transceiver. I do
hate seeing and hearing myself on video but endured the pain regardless...
see if interested!
That looks fantastic, thank you very much!

Is the layout going to include enough room for an SMD tact-switch straight key* or will it be the keyless design of the QCX+?

* my paddle doesn't like getting up in the morning, and has a habit of crawling out of my bag and back into the comfort of its desk drawer just as I'm leaving. Being able to use the onboard key has therefore saved a few trips. It is definitely not my fault and I am definitely not being forgetful, it's that darn lazy paddle!

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