Re: 0.03w RF output, 1w at transistor drains, Help? #qcx

Ronald Taylor

You can bypass the lowpass filter if you terminate it with a dummy load and make sure C29 is still in the circuit to block the DC coming from the transistor drains. I don’t think it’s such a great idea to run it to the amplifier without the LPF as it is full of high level harmonics and the amplifier will be amplifying all of those as well as the fundamental. The amplifier’s own LPF May not be able to adequately attenuate the harmonics. 

L4 is a choke (also part of the Class E resonator circuit) so it passes DC from Q6 to the final transistor drains. So it will have measurable RF on the final transistor end and only DC is expected on the Q6 end of L4. 


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I'm planning on using this with the 50wpa, and that has its own LPF of the same band, would it be okay if i bypass the LPF  in order to continue troubleshooting? As for q6/l4, one one end of l4 its 1w, the other end is 0.12w

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