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Arv Evans

I was joking about using ladder line.    8-)


On Sun, Aug 9, 2020 at 1:52 PM ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...> wrote:
And the mission is?

At home using ultra compact radio.
Occasional portable, no long trek, may even use a cart for transport.
Some trek where supplies, weight, and space compete.

Ladder line is clumsy and awkward to deploy in the field and requires
a tuner and maybe a balun.  No typical connector, likely binding posts.
At home it will try to pull or flip what its connected to due to "spring" in
the wire.

RG174, 20M of it?  The likely compact portable user will take maybe
5-8M of it.  I hate it as its fragile.  many use it as its cheap.  Typical
connector is BNC, maybe RCA.

RG316 has the same loss,  higher price tag but much more rugged.
Even then likely a short peice.  BNC, maybe SMA.

RG58C/u  or better yet LMR190-flex as you want it easy to coil and 
have some flex.  Loss is not all that bad at 20M for 20M (66ft!).
Most would carry 8-10M of it.  BNC is the usual, maybe PL259.

Typical field setup I use is radio, RG316 jumper of 1-2ft, T1 tuner if needed
then RG58C/u to antenna.  IF end fed half wave, no T1 and jumper.
Connectors usually BNC as T1 tuner uses that.

For high power (100W) semi portable VHF, then RG8X/LMR240 
up to 15M of cable is reasonable for 6 and 2m.  The antenna is a 50ohm 
yagi usually collapsible.  For HF same cable but End Fed half wave for
40/20 or 10m.  mix of BNC, PL259 or N and occasional SMA.

Field day, we build a station in the field and its elaborate and no
consideration for compact radio, cable, or power.  Just sayin.

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