Re: help !


My problem was the sensitivity in Menu 8 was set too high - backed off the volume control and found all 3 minimum settings easily. Radio works well - about 3.5 watts out and receives ok .
Some other issues:
1) Seems to lack enough audio output. Volume control full up all the time. Maybe change some component to increase audio gain ? Add audio transformer to better match lo-Z earphones ?
2) Can not adjust the sidetone level - stays the same level no matter what setting I use.
3) What are the recommended nominal Decoder settings  ? Sometimes works FB and sometimes does not decode anything, maybe that's the best it can do ? Or should you adjust it for every received signal ?
4) Is there a way to get the display to read output power or at least indicate that it's transmitting during normal operation ? I guess I could add a jumper from L1 to the RF PWR  terminal and read it on menu 9 but then would have to switch to the Menu every time I transmit...
  Thanks for the help so far guys ...hope to make my first qso tonite !
               73 jay NY2NY

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