QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio Expo - 08/09 August

Hans Summers

Hi all

QRP Labs is one of the 45 exhibitors at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio Expo this weekend 08/09 August. https://qsotoday.vfairs.com/ . Apparently more than 21,000 visitors are registered at the event. 

The virtual fair platform has links to various QRP Labs documents, the QRP Labs shop, videos, etc. There is also a QRP Labs chatroom and it supports one-to-one chat via keyboard, voice or video. 

I have a ZOOM video meeting set up for the entire duration of the event so feel free to drop in there also. The details are at http://qrp-labs.com/zoom 

I intend to do a live Zoom video tour of the QRP Labs HQ (Lab/Office/Shack) on Saturday at 1800Z followed by a Q&A session at 1900Z (or whenever my tour finishes). The tour might be interesting to you or you might be bored out of your socks. I can show you around and about some of the behind-the-scenes process that makes QRP Labs work day to day. 

Of course this will not be like a real hamvention. Nobody really knows what to expect at this point. When I'm at a real hamvention I stand in the booth and enjoy meeting people, answering questions, chatting about this and that. And of course have some kits to sell. So perhaps this can be as similar as possible! Come and say hello, talk about whatever you like - either in a group or via one-to-one video etc. 

Note that in a somewhat careless oversight, and which was only realized at the last moment (yesterday), specifically, by the XYL... the QSO Today Expo organizers have chosen a date which clashes with my 12th wedding anniversary (tomorrow 8th August). In consideration of the fact that my timezone is UT+3 and most visitors will be from Europe and US and therefore after me... in order to appease the situation I will attempt to take the XYL out to a nice large breakfast and aim to be back in QRP Labs HQ at around noon local time (or maybe 1pm) which will be 09:00 UT (11am in Europe, 10am in UK, 5am on the US East coast etc etc.). Then I intend to stay online until sleep overcomes me... 

During some of the event I will also be joined in the booth by Dave VE3KCL who is known for all the collaboration with QRP Labs on high altitude ballooning, and my booth buddy at Dayton FDIM 2018 and 2019; Dave's current U4B9 flight has been up for almost 3 months and has just completed its third circumnavigation see http://qrp-labs.com/flights/u4b9 

Chris KC0TKS will also join as booth representative. 

There may be other attendees too (to be determined). 

So please stop by and chat! 

73 Hans G0UPL

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