Re: QCX in WSPR mode with GPS, clock stops (fw: v1.05) #qcx #firmware #gps #wspr #qlg1

Howard K6IA

I have noticed the same thing when I went from 1.00 to 1.05, the WSPR clock locks up or only shows every other 5 secs as it counts up.
The work around I found was to connect to dummy load and let the first WSPR cycle run. At the end of the cycle it links up with the GPS and sets the time and freq.
Another work around is after the GPS gets green, go into the 8 menu and set  8.13, 8.12 and 8.11 exit that menu,  go to any other menu enter, then exit without changing anything
In my case I have the GPS board mounted antenna inside the shack and it takes about 2 mins to flash the green. I have WSPR set for TX at 04.

Howard K6IA 

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