QCX in WSPR mode with GPS, clock stops (fw: v1.05) #qcx #firmware #gps #wspr #qlg1

Al Holt

I recently flashed my QCX-40 rev1 from v1.03 to v1.05 and set it up in WSPR mode with my QLG1 gps. However now I'm having troubles with the clock randomly stopping as well as some squirrelly behavior with the left push button. This QCX ver.1 has been languishing on the shelf for a good long time waiting for me to get more proficient at sending/receiving Morse code. 

I used an Arduino UNO for the flashing process with Avrdudess software, which has worked well in the past. But, first time around going to v1.05 I plugged in one of the programming cables to the wrong header pins (the RF probe header next to the programming header) and blew my main fuse at the power supply input (500 mA) when I first turned the QCX on.

With a new fuse in place and realizing my error, the QCX seemed to working well and I set about properly updating it. The flash process to v1.05 seemed to work well. But, when using the QCX in WSPR I noticed it having a lot of troubles least of which was the GPS clock display stopping. It's hard to describe all of them, but it seemed to 'lock up'  with an odd display of information. The QLG1 was, and is, working well with the yellow LED lit and the green PPS LED flashing.

I have a couple of spare unprogrammed ATmega386P chips and so I flashed one using the EEPROM data from my original processor. The new chip seems to be more stable, but still is showing some minor issues when pressing buttons. The clock stopping is the most glaring.

I'm planning now to purchase a QCX+ and case; in my order to QRP Labs I'll probably get another ATmega386P chip that's burned properly. 

Could I have inadvertently corrupted the Arduino UNO? If I can get a stable EEP file can I reflash my replacement chip? 

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

73 de WD4AH


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