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Shane Justice

Hi Josh,

Congratulations on the successful completion of your kits! I read your comment about being painfully slow with Morse. I, too have been concerned with my proficiency with Morse code, and have found an app for the Android system called Morse Mania. It has significantly improved my copy ability in a surprisingly short span of time. I use it on a tablet, where the full keyboard is easy to use. It may be quite the challenge on a phone, however.

If you prefer an interactive class, there is a session starting in September with CW Acadamy, affiliated with CW Ops ( ) that is free of charge. They are signing up people now. It seems well thought out. I have signed up for the upcoming session starting in September. The class aspect will be implemented by online web classwork with two-way video streaming and live Morse QSOs between students to allow copying between all participants. It should be fun! 


On Aug 3, 2020 at 22:39, J Ramos <joshramos@...> wrote:

Hi all,

At the end of last week I finished building up my 20m and 40m QCX+ kits and 50W PAs for both. The build experience was outstanding. After assembling QCX kits on 20m and 40m in the past, having the extra working PCB space as well as a roomy enclosure was very welcome. All 4 went together without issue aside from missing capacitors in the PA kits which Hans squared away directly.

The only operational thing I noticed was low output power on the QCX+ built for 20m. Taking 2 turns off L1 and L3 with one turn off L2 did the trick. That same technique also fixed the QCX 20m kit I had struggled with off and on for a while. I should have listened to the advice straight away...

Regardless, all perform as expected and make specified power into a dummy load as verified by my oscilloscope. My transmissions copied by a fellow local amateur yielded a pleasant and steady key.

Thanks to Hans for putting together such outstanding kits. I'm looking forward to working some of the QCX QRP and QRO events with my painfully slow Morse code until I can get my copy speed up.

73 de AE0CM

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