Re: Source for replacement parts in small quantities?

Gwen Patton

I've used Digikey, Mouser, and Tayda, but some of my parts I just order from Amazon or even Ebay (I know, that's sometimes an issue). I can usually get a small number of something from Amazon, and since I have Prime, I don't get bent over with a ridiculous shipping charge. Tayda is excellent for some parts, but their capacitors tend to be REALLY low capacitance. It's hard to get a higher-farad value cap from them if you need one. Basically, if it's in pf or nf, Tayda might have it. But uF? Don't hold your breath. I DO like that they carry a LOT of fixed inductors. For some reason, those are harder to find. (Jack, I built the BCI filter circuit you sent me using inductors from Tayda. Works great!)

To be fair, I rarely just buy one of something. If it was worth having once, I tend to buy at least 20 of them. Chips, semiconductors, I rarely just buy the number I need. If I need a SMD capacitor, and I don't already have it, I'll usually just buy a sample book that contains that value. I have half a drawer-ful of sample books in my big tool chest, in different sizes. Caps, resistors, semiconductors, inductors, various chips like the SI5153, regulators of various output values, I buy assortments and strips of reel-tape. I NEVER buy just one. Eventually, it'll be useful, if not for me, then maybe to someone I know who needs something. (Seriously, I don't have one junque box. I have a shelving unit of junque boxes.)

The only thing I ever ordered one of was this, a genuine electronic Mouser.

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Look up Kits and Parts on the inet...


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Does anyone have a good source for small quantities of parts here in the US? I need to buy a replacement resistor but I don't have a need for 100 of them? I would prefer it be a US based company to cut down on shipping times and costs. 

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