Re: How about an ultra-portable "QCX mini" version? #qcx

George Korper

The rig should plug into the USB port of a smartphone and use an app (already available for Android) it could even be an SDR display. 
The rig would use the smartphone battery. With SMD and a PCB toroids. Neat.

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020, 6:26 PM <dl2arl@...> wrote:
coming back to the root of this thread...

The rig that fits all the wishes of the many, that rig will be an expensive one and will by no means be available on a $50 budget; this seems self-evident.  If all wishes would have to be included, Hans would have to sell a rig as big as a refrigerator and expensive as a sports car.  You can google for such: there's plenty of them out there and I never thought there is so much money in the world to buy them all. So I am not asking from Hans to include yet another feature, just because I happen to like it that way! What he is doing is smart enough as it is and the number of kits he has produced in a fairly short time is proof enough.

The qCx+ has been increasing in volume, but in the right way. Now it offers plenty of room into it's housing for experiments of all sorts, and it also offers plenty of room inside for a battery and maybe even a tuner of some sort. So putting all together, the "bigger" qCx has gotten smartly smaller. I never enjoyed the "official" case of the old qCx because of the obvious reason that it was a fit that was too tight for my liking. The new concept perfectly meets my needs and even if I would like it smaller, it getting bigger lets me make it smart so that it shrinks again to a higher level of portable efficiency.

Think of a grab'n go rig, one that you can take with you even if the odds of having time for a qso are neglectible. A rig that is always ready. Don't think towards some disciplined and highly organized SOTA or highgrade ambitious dxPedition. Think of a rig you might like and love to carry with you even when going shopping for shoes with your spouse. Now think of them in that fancy shoe shop having more that one pair of shoes and of those even more in different shades of the same color that beg to be carefully assessed in front of a mirror and you having by this a spare minute in your car with some kind of casual antenna on the roof...

This never happened to you? It did to me. I had the rig handy the smart small one, all self contained, battery loaded, ready to be flipped into use. But I seem to have been sleeping at that time and probably just dreaming.

Yours friendly, Razvan DL2ARL

PS: regarding the dreaming near the shoe shop: a smart fellow (was it Friedrich Schiller?) once said: The whole life is a dream; hence being wise means having pleasant dreams.

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