Re: #antenna #qrp-dx Gents - a guide for the Perplexed , and what's more Free. ARRL Antenna basics book. #qrp-dx #antenna

Timothy Fidler

Hans can take it off in a week.  or I will .. set your egg timer going.

If they had done massive revisions to it then I would not give a monkey's Ar$e about the IP aspect because the Highly revised book is a new book. 
But" bless me father for I have sinned" ... (I know that from Perry mason or reading about Kennedy, you   don't learn it down at the local 'Gog) .. if it is simply reissued then perhaps it should come down..

now hear me Y'all.!!!!

you'all go to Hell with sulphur and stuff if you download it and keep it. So look at  on line and be virtuous.. or feel it.  I feel better already. :-))

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