Re: #antenna #qrp-dx Gents - a guide for the Perplexed , and what's more Free. ARRL Antenna basics book. #qrp-dx #antenna

Gwen Patton


You don't know how copyrights work in the US. You don't need to have an explicit notice in your publication anymore. We're a signatory to the Berne Convention, and anything you put in tangible form is automatically copyrighted. That book was first printed in 2009, and is STILL IN PRINT. It's available from the ARRL shop webpage right now. It is NOT "out of copyright". Heck, it's not even out of PRINT.

Look on the ARRL shop website:  You will see the clear listing of "Copyright: First Edition, Fourth Printing (2009-2016)" in the Product Details section. This is a copyrighted work. Don't believe me?

That book is copyrighted. Allison is right, and your brother didn't look very hard. This file should not be on the server. Support the ham who wrote it and BUY a copy!

Gwen, NG3P

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 10:13 PM Timothy Fidler <engstr@...> wrote:
Copyright ? My brother looked for a note in the front of the book and could not find it. Anyway we have the same name.  Tim1 and Tim2. I say Tim2 posted it. I tried to find the velocity of prop on a vendor's site.  The tech data there was very light on. Unfort if I were to buy it here it would have to come from Australia and they have only the MFJ material (Twin core) which I am nervous about.  Thank you for suggesting the scientific method of getting the real data.

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