Re: #antenna #qrp-dx Gents - a guide for the Perplexed , and what's more Free. ARRL Antenna basics book. #qrp-dx #antenna

Timothy Fidler

I'd still like to see it covered in the book.  You can't leave good enough alone can you , Alison ? "The End fed zepp is nothing special " well it is something special c/with the Black magic and BS of EFHW and the magic counterpoise. By the way gents,
450 Z CCSW  twin seems to be the best wire topology  to use for the matching section. Unfortunately most vendors seem very dark on what the Vel of prop is and you don't want to by buying a bit of Migthy Fine Junk just to set up this one length... .life's  a bitch.  TEF
Another point of difference is that if you can get a 40m dipole in you can trap it and have a 40/20,  but with a Zepp as above you have to electrically switch the transformer leg to a shorter one to go to the higher frequency as well as put in a trap to reduce the RF electrical len of a the driven element.

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