Re: Deliveries for QCX+

scot forshaw

I use a boxed and sealed 10amp lithium pack that cost £26. It runs the QCX all of the day for SOTA. I charged it with a solar panel on a 4 day trip a few weeks ago. It weighs in at about 200g. 

But for Nimh Why can’t you just use a simple wire wound resistance calculated for the charge current? Works for RC cars out in the field.

The QCX is extremely low power at .5A TX. A 3 hour stint of constant CQ SOTA barely dented my lithium box. 

Lipo different story but li-on I think you could fudge a rf free analogue circuit that was manually monitored to get you out of shtuck?

On 29 Jul 2020, at 15:41, Steve <steveb2541@...> wrote:

Sorry if this has been asked before, but are there any ideas od delivery times for the QCX+

The website lists a 3 week lead time on one page and delivery in mid june in the description which
was what i signed up for?

While i appreciate that they are a little busy, I've been waiting just shy of a month, have no
idea when I can expect to even see an email for despatch, let alone take delivery.

Maybe some work on the website to clarify the position, maybe just a quick note to state which order number
they are up that have been despatched?



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