Re: QCX+40 WSPR not working

Gregg Myers

Hi Tony,

I saw your post and was curious about my QLG1 time compared to a WWVB corrected clock I have. When I first started up the QLG1, I saw a 2-3 second discrepancy between the two but after a few minutes (maybe 5 min), the two times were suddenly in lock step. Did you try leaving the GPS powered up for some time? Also, I don't know if you tried moving the GPS unit where it had an unobstructed view of the sky just to maximize the number of satellites received as a test?


On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 3:27 PM Tony McUmber <tmcumber@...> wrote:
I have been using WSPR with good success for the past couple of years with my original QCX.  Always have used NIST website for time -- they claim that the time tick is corrected for network delays.  I have no had a problem with the time when doing this.  My old QCX drifts away from the set time after a while, and if off by 2 seconds or more my observed hits diminish to none.

With the new QCX+ I use the same time setting routine and have good luck with it, plus the new rig holds the time better. The problem is this:  when I use the QLG1 to set the time clock on the rig, the result displayed is always about 3 seconds late compared to the NIST reference I have always used with good results.  The three second delay keeps me from getting good results on WSPR.  When I then correct the time manually, I get the usual good results, and the rig holds the time accurately for longer.  The NIST time is not the problem, the QLG1 time seems to be the problem in that it does not match the NIST Standard UTC tick.  I may have made an error in assembly, but I do not see one.  Also, when I unplug the QLG1 power plug from the QCX, this action causes the displayed time to reset to 00:00.

I am unable to access WWV signals because I do not have the equipment to do so, but getting accurate time is not my problem.

Thanks for the feedback.

73 N0BPA

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