Re: QCX+40 WSPR not working

Arv Evans

Tony N)BPA

In the past there have been comments regarding polarity of the GPS tick affecting 
clock setting.  Nor sure if that is at work here?

If relying on NIST via a PC using NTP...there could be some errors there in how it 
tracks time on your particular OS and computer hardware.  WWV or WWVB time 
references are probably the most accurate after GPS, but rumor has it that WWV 
transmissions may be discontinued soon.

It might be possible to extract accurate time references from DGPS (Differential GPS) 
which transmits offset strings to make GPS more accurate.  DGPS correction factor 
information are transmitted on various LF transmitters in specific geographic areas.

Arv  K7HKL

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 11:32 AM Tony McUmber <tmcumber@...> wrote:
As noted, I see that the time set by the QLG is about 3-4 seconds late compared to NIST UCT.  This is enough to cause the WSPR monitors to ignore it.  The clock resets whenever I unplug the power line for the QLG from the QCX, not only when I shut off the main power switch.  I puzzlement.

Thanks for the input!

Tony N)BPA

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