Re: Up-to-date QCX+ tips as of July 25, 2020 #qcx+ #case #manual #enclosure


On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 07:48 PM, m0bmn wrote:
Hi Bernie
Please don't try and cut the 'link' for JP7,  the only time you would cut any of the links is for fault finding. JP7  doesn't have a link to cut , both parts of JP7 are on the same copper pad so  it would be difficult to cut , Hans has posted a work around IF (and its a BIG IF)  you need to fault find at that point. its a waste of effort to try and just make the cuts for the sake of it and you need to join the links again  in order for the radio to work. it will be NO advantage if you make the cuts and  more likely cause more problems for you.
just put the effort into taking  care with the build and all will be fine.
Have fun  and be assured it a great radio when its finished.
73 Paul M0BMN
I have build two QCX+ within the last few weeks.  I built per the instructions and DID NOT cut any traces.  Both setup, attained expected power out and worked great without any circuit modifications. 

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