scot forshaw

Good you got it working. As an FYI I built a GPS from a ham led drone module. Until I shielded the cable it wouldn’t connect properly. These things don’t like noise for sure.

On 26 Jul 2020, at 19:07, Gregg Myers <gregg.w7grm@...> wrote:

Good news, Tony!

Enjoy that new radio/GPS.

Gregg W7GRM

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 11:27 AM Tony McUmber <tmcumber@...> wrote:
Thanks, Gregg!

It dawned on me that the wall wart might be introducing some noise, so I prepared another cable to plug in to the PTT socket, wired according to Hans' diagram.  Problem solved. Wall wart bad, filtered regulated +5V good.  Also I keep a dummy load attached at all times in case some dummy does something I'll regret.

73, Tony N0BPA

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