Re: Up-to-date QCX+ tips as of July 25, 2020 #qcx+ #case #manual #enclosure

Sheldon Hartling

* Leave the washer and nut on the rotary encoder.  I took mine off thinking they might be used to secure the control to the front panel and then realized the shaft wasn’t long enough.  Then I worried about the mechanical stability of the encoder without the nut/washer and took the (difficult) front-panel assembly apart again to put them back. :-)

* IC11 Voltage Regulator is not in the documentation parts list.

* Might be helpful to cut/trim a corner off the top nut under the volume control with wire-cutters to allow the control to sit flush to the board.  I ended up using a blade knife to cut it off after installation to take stress off the control.  (Pictures posted to QRP-LABS builders Facebook group.

* Stereo jack connectors don’t quite align with the holes in the PCB.  May take some torquing to get them straight.  Best to lightly tack two pins with a little solder to hold them while you bend them into place applying a little heat as required.  Need enough force to straighten them out but not enough to break them. :-) 

73, Sheldon VE1GPY

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