Re: Ultimate3S additional power transistors Help!!!!!!!

Vernon Matheson

Phil I personally run my 3 x BS170's at 9 volts and get 1 watt on 40/80 meters and about 500mW or better on 30 meters so on so forth.I like 9 volts as nothing gets hot..

The higher you go in frequency the power drops off just due to the nature of the beast.

Just make sure your bias is ok with the higher voltage and you should see a marked improvement on most bands. Some of the guys are running the three BS170's higher than my 9 volts.

If you want a higher output on 10m or any of the other bands, then build the QRP labs 5 watt PA kit. I run a 10m WSPR/FSKCW beacon 24/7 at 4 watts and it works very well. You only need one BS170 to drive it..


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