Re: Clock Kit.

geoff M0ORE

My clock kit is currently available to feed a progrock which is in the same box as the clock but a seperate power switch to enable me to switch it off when not required and the same clock feeds a 1PPS to a VFO kit which is used to control a Racal ex-army radio. (NEMA data is not required in for the VFO ). It will also be used to feed a U3S + receiver currently under construction with both 1PPS and NEMA.
Each kit is fed via a buffer AND gate for the 1PPS and the NEMA data is fed via a TTL to RS232 adaptor. Power supplies are diode buffered to prevent back feeding. The NEMA data is also available to feed into the laptop for WSPR sync.
The clock unit causes the squelch on a 2m rig to open but don't know if it is the 1PPS signal or the data signal. The 1PPS is the likely culprit.

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