Re: QCX+ not working ….HELP!!!


Its Finished! working 100%
After a long time tracing and fault finding i had two problems, the first was a problem with TXCO module, Hans is sending me a replacement, due to  that i spent days going through each section measuring voltages looking at wave forms etc etc. re soldering just about ever part in case of dry joints etc , the process had one casualty, the volume control, those of you  that have built the new QCX+ will know the volume control pins just dont reach the board and that you have to use a blob of solder to bridge the gap. Well since i was having problems with signals not getting through on the receiver path i must have resoldered the volume control a number of times, it must have melted the connection inside the pot as the middle pin was Open circuit, i replaced it but with a temp one as the shaft is to short, anyway i now have a fully working 100% QCX+ all the problems i have had have stemmed from  the TXCO and the assumption it was working and believing it must have been something else. Thats all history now and the QCX is alive (just waiting for the new volume control too)
i have done A/B comparisons between the Shack yaesu rig and this and i can honestly say you would not copy a signal on the yaesu that the QCX could not copy too. very  impressed, now to build the amplifier for it.
A Big Thank you to Hans and ALL the great people here on the forum who without  my QCX would be in land fill by now.
i can see i will have some fun with this!
73 and thanks again all.
Paul M0BMN 
off to build the amp!.... stay tuned folks

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