Re: Help needed to update QCX firmware #qcx #firmware

Ben Bangerter, K0IKR

Another word of thanks to Simon for his writeup on reflashing the ATmega328P in the QCX.  I flashed my QCX from T1.00b to T1.05 yesterday using my “original” Arduino clone.  Initially I tried and failed to communicate with the QCX processor with either that Arduino or a Nano clone.  Then I suspected that it might be a connection problem, as the “Dupont” jumpers I was using did not seem to fit very tightly on the ISP header pins of the QCX.  Jumpers from another set I had were a tighter fit, and that solved the problem.  I still was not successful using the Nano however.  The faulty jumpers are on their way back to Amazon!

73,  Ben  K0IKR

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