Re: QCX+ not working ….HELP!!!


Hi Knut
Thanks for the suggestions, 
1st the side tone on TX, the side tone comes from the 328 Chip, pin 15, if i look at that with a scope i do get a square wave signal BUT its at 42KHz not  the normal 700Hz or so , no idea why as thats straight from the chip. it looks a good square wave signal but just the wrong freq????
this can be seen at R59 but of course at 42KHz  it cant be heard (unless your a bat)
now with  the menu 8.7 set i get the  two different freq coming out of the synth chip with a difference of 700Hz CLK 0/1 at 7.0193Mhz and CLK2 7.0200Mhz (so 700Hz difference) but that is not making it through the receiver, i have checked the input to the phase network on the scope and i cant see anything there at all (could be my insensitive scope) but no tone  in the receiver just a background hiss that is slightly  more noisy when  8.7 is active.
 i have isolated from the filter to the headphones and that seem to work when i connect a external signal source so i guess thats all ok.
really stuck now and hoping Hans can give some magic advice but i am feeling its game over for this one :-( 
it looks like IC4  may not be working as i have checked and double , then triple checked the windings on T1 and they all measure as they should between winding's .
cheers to all

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