Re: QCX+ not working ….HELP!!!

Knut Steinar Fremme OE4KSF

First - do not give up - Make it fun to find the error :-)
Looking at the chematics - I would hsv eput mu scope at R59 - thats the sidetone input into the lF part.
To see if there is a LF tone feed into the LF filter under TX.
Then we can assume that you have an error on the LF part - and that the RX by it self probably working.
Then I would have set the unit into menu 8.7 - this will feed a signal into the LF part
Check with scope at R39 / R59 to see if you have a tone there.
If so - then the RX is working - :-)
Then scope at IC8 pin7 and pin 1 - do you have a signal there ?
If so - go to IC9 pin 1 - IS 10 pin 7 and pin 1 - What do you see on your scope ?

Also measure that you have about the same voltage on IC-8 pin 5-6-7  and 3-2-1  - If not then the IC 8 are not able to work.
The same on IC-9 and 10 .  IC9 pin 3-2-1 and IC10 pin 5-6-7 

Test this and come back with your measurements 

73 OE4KSF Knut

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