Re: Help needed to update QCX firmware #qcx #firmware

Alan G4ZFQ

Thank you for your patience with me. Please excuse my ignorance, but how to I "check the fuses" and how will I know if they are correct or not?
Also, do I assume correctly that I do not need an eep file for the QCX?

You need to be more patient yourself. Unfortunately most writers of instructions seem to assume everything will go correctly.
A beginner should:-
1] Click "Detect". If there is an error message then find out why. I think you should select the 328p
2] Once that is correct "Read" the fuses. If they are not correct then write the correct values. Read again to confirm.
3] Then, and only then, write the flash using the "Go" button.

It is not clear to me if you have set the fuses. If the high fuse is not D1 not then it seems you have erased the EEPROM which means you will have to contact Hans for the EEP file you have erased. If all goes well the .eep is not required.

Repeat the first two steps. If there are no errors then do step 3.
If there are errors try reducing the Bit clock. I cannot be certain but maybe your programmer is not communicating correctly.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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