Re: QCX+ not working ….HELP!!!

Dean Smith

Hi Paul!
If your getting RF out, maybe the problem lies with the RX chain?
I had a simular problem, T1 winding, at the end of the 38 odd turns on S3.
At (point 2) where i had scrapped the enamel off made it weak, and it snapped underneath the toroid!
It was so hard to spot, but i found it. moving that last turn on the toroid gave it away, it was loose...
with menu 8.7 i would first check for an uber small signal at the RF socket.
The signal present here is fed back to the system to help provide the tone.
 IC3,Q5(T/R switch), and R43, are the signal generation. CLK2 from Si5351a is fed to the 74A00N pin 10
out via pin8 into R43 (120k) this reduces the signal in order of 1500th of its original value.
Checkout section 5.9 in the manual page 118.
i also suffered a faulty FST3253 also.
Once replaced, up came the tone. Deafening as Hans says!
Don't let it beat you :)
Dean (G7EOB)

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