QCX+ fixed audio level (was Re: [QRPLabs] QCX+ CAT control with ready made FTDI cable)

Giuseppe Marullo

Speaking of jack, I would like to provide my QCX+ with a fixed level audio output to feed my K42.
I was thinking to use the signal on the volume potentiometer, but I see S meter changes when the pot is moved, maybe is too early to pick i up in the audio chain?

Did anybody performed such mod? I don't need the cw filtering, k42 has a filter, already tuned to 690Hz so maybe it is okay to get the signal there.

Giuseppe Marullo

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Strictly speaking, the bit that goes on the end of the cable is a plug and the hole on the radio is the jack.

On 15/07/2020 16:03, Giuseppe Marullo wrote:

didn't know they were available.

Just connected, so far so good with HRD and WSJT-X.

Not exactly cheap, but very handy.

No mess with unreliable 3.5 handmade soldered jacks, seems a good FTDI chip too.


Giuseppe Marullo

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