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On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 04:36:16PM -0700, @DL2ARL wrote:
The weird thing about the new qcx+ manual compared to the old, to ALL old qrp-labs manuals, is the fact, that, printed B&W, there is no way to distinguish between the B&W correspondent "colour" (or shade of gray) of what was supposed to be RED (meaning THE component the story is about on the actual page) and the rest of the gray shaded components on the board that were bespoken somewhen ahead or the ones that will be named hereafter.

This way, for me, I have the choice between the devil and beelzebub. Either do I take it the hard way and identify the components by myself using the schematics just as I would do with a kit not sportingĀ  to a HeathKitLevel manual, or ...

well, I must confess, I am so penny wise, I do not own a PC in my "lab" where the soldering iron smokes. The normal way would probably be to solder the components in front of some fancy tablet I can wipe with my fingers across. But I have none, not in my soldering shack. This remains my own, self determined miserly condition.
I noticed this as well. Solution for me was to use an old laptop that fortunately had a very large screen, so I could zoom in to the manual.

But printed paper is always nicer!

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