#Balloon #OT N6CVO-13 Launched #Balloon #ot



This morning we launched another balloon from the desert in Southern California.

Transmissions are 10mW on 20m and 30m using WSPR with the altitude encoded into the PWR field. Currently it has leveled off above 43k’.

I do have a script running thanks to Graham VE3GTC which should decode the altitude and post it to APRS.fi each time the balloon changes grid squares. APRS Call is N6CVO-13


ZachTek Tracker (lightened)
Dual Solar Panels (lightened)
20m dipole (super light)
Total flight ready payload weight 12.1gr

SBS-12 balloon
8gr free lift


WSPRnet Map plots the target in the middle of the grid square.

APRS.fi should get updated from WSPRNET every fifteen minutes via a Python Script if the balloon has entered a new grid square.

APRS.fi plots the target in the lower left hand corner of the grid square but adds the decoded altitude.

None of this mismatch within the Grid Square matters as long as we are getting positions while over the oceans, Africa, etc.


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